Intégrateur de solution


LKA GROUPE  is one of the most dynamically developing companies in the information technology field. The company was founded in 2011 and now operates in many countries in the world. Starting from 2011, LKA Groupe has been successfully sellin various equipment for creating wired and wireless networks: routers, antennas, switches, cables, security and monitoring tools. Among its corporate clients are more than 2 thousand companies all over the world, from small enterprises to large government and commercial organizations.

The company has a great potential for development and far-reaching plans, and it continues rapidly establishing its positions on the market. The turnover of the company grows by 25-35% each year.

The reputation of a reliable, responsible and experienced partner who always carries out its duties has let LKA build strong relations with large world-known manufacturers - the portfolio of LKA currently holds many brands.
Currently, LKA Groupe is a team of 28 people who are actively developing the distribution market of networking products and making high-tech products available to any customer.

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